About the Hampshire Anglo Scandinavian Society

The Hampshire Scandinavian Society is mainly made up of members from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In addition we have members from the Faroe Islands, Lithuania and of course from the UK.

So you do not have to be a Scandinavian or live in Hampshire to become a member. All you need is an interest in Scandinavia and its culture!

The activities of the Society is mainly aimed at maintaining the Scandinavian traditions and promoting our cultural inheritance including sharing this with our children and friends.

The highlights of our yearly events include the midsummer celebrations and the annual Christmas parties including a "julbord" and a visit by father Christmas for the children.

If you would like to join the society please contact us at hampshirescandinavians@gmail.com.

The society has a very active membership. A typical example of our annual calendar is set out below:

scandinavian cartoon figure

There is a regular newsletter setting out details of all the events and keeping members updated regarding any other matters that may be of interest, such as exhibitions, theatre trips and travel information. We also use emails, FaceBook and WhatsApp to keep members updated between newsletters.